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Community-wide Easter Weekend 2018 Prayer Guide 4

1 Peter 5:5-6

Likewise, ye younger, submit yourselves unto the elder. Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:


Peter reminds us that we are to be in subjection to each other. Peter recognized that there is strength in numbers.


Ecclesiastes 4:9-12                                                                                                                                    Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.

10 For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.

11 Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone?

12 And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.


Peter was taught the importance of working together for the cause of Christ is better than doing it all by yourself.


John 4:36-38                                                                                                                                                      And he that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal: that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together.

37 And herein is that saying true, One soweth, and another reapeth.

38 I sent you to reap that whereon ye bestowed no labour: other men laboured, and ye are entered into their labours.


Today’s Prayer:


Pray that we would see the need and the benefit of submission.


Pray that as a church we would practice being subject one to another.


Pray that we be clothed with humility.


Pray that we would not be proud.


Pray that God would give us more grace as we become more humble.


Pray that we would truly be humbled under the mighty hand of God.


Pray that God would exalt us in due time.



Pastor Bob

Community-wide Easter Weekend 2018 Prayer Guide day 3


4 verses to pray today.


1 John 1:3                                                                                                                                    That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ.

            Fellowship =   Partnership with others


                                    Social interaction among

                                    Communion together

                                    Sharing together

                                    Benevolence towards each other.

Pray that the fellowship at Hilltop Baptist Church would first and foremost be centered in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

Pray that Hilltop Baptist would grow in fellowship one with another, and that we can integrate those whom the Lord sends our way.

Pray that your fellowship would grow.


2 Corinthians 13:14                                                                                                                    The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.

Pray that that every member and guest of Hilltop Baptist Church would receive the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

            Grace =          A kind, affectionate, pleasing nature.

                                    Personal gracefulness.

                                    A courteous or gracious disposition.

                                    A friendly willingness

Pray that the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with us all.

Pray that the love of God be with us all.

Pray that the communion of the Holy Ghost be with us all.


Amen =           Belief in the trustworthiness of God



Jeremiah 9:23-24                                                                                                                        Thus saith the Lord, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches:

24 But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the Lord which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the Lord.

Pray that we glory in the fact that God understands and knows us completely.

Pray that we experience the lovingkindness of the Lord.

Pray for the judgment and righteousness of the Lord to reign throughout the earth, and the members and guests of Hilltop Baptist Church.


Psalm 40:16                                                                                                                              Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: let such as love thy salvation say continually, The Lord be magnified.

Pray that we rejoice and be glad in the Lord as we seek Him.

Pray that we are always ready to say the Lord be magnified, because we love His salvation.

Community-wide Easter Weekend 2018 Prayer Guide Day 2


Community-wide Easter Weekend 2018
Prayer Guide Day 2
Psalms 37:25-26 
I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread. He is ever merciful, and lendeth; and his seed is blessed.
God has been so good to us. God has never forsaken us.
Forsaken = To forsake another person is to leave them entirely, usually in a moment of need.
                   To abandon, to desert, to be left desolate, to leave.
God always provides for us daily, both spiritually and physically.
God is ever merciful, and lendeth.    Lendeth =  To unite with, to remain with,to join with us, to give to us out of obligation.
God blesses His seed.
Here are some suggestions to incorporate into today’s prayer.
Pray for the members of Hilltop Baptist Church.
Pray that God would lead you to invite someone that will come to our Community-wide Easter service.
Pray for all the guests that the Lord will give us during our Community-wide Easter weekend.
Pray that God would allow us to see one of our guests get saved.
Pray that God would provide a good number of guests for our Community-wide Easter weekend.
Tell God your confidence is in Him.
Thank God for His blessings throughout your entire life.
Thank God because He has never failed to provide for you in the physical and spiritual realm.
Thank God that He lendeth to us everything we need to get the job done.
Pastor Bob

Community Wide Easter Weekend Prayer Guide Day 1

Prayer Guide for  
Community-wide Easter Weekend.                                 
March 31 – April 1, 2018
Numbers 6:22-26   
22 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying,
23 Speak unto Aaron and unto his sons, saying, On this wise ye shall bless the children of Israel, saying unto them,
24 The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:
25 The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:
26 The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
Here are some suggestions to help you pray for our upcoming Easter Weekend 2018.
1. May God Bless the members of Hilltop Baptist Church (name them individually).
2. Ask the Lord to bless you (Be specific! Remember, you have not because you ask not!)
3. Ask the Lord to keep you (Keep = To protect, to attend to, to take heed to, and to regardth
Ask the Lord to keep the members of Hilltop Baptist Church.
4.Ask the Lord to make His face shine upon you and others of Hilltop Baptist Church
A blessing is a hopeful prayer. A blessing was one way of asking
 for God’s divine favor to rest upon others. The ancient blessing in
 these verses helps us understand what a blessing was supposed to do.
Its five parts conveyed hope that God would (1) bless and keep them
(favor and protect); (2) make his face shine upon them (be pleased);
(3) be gracious (merciful and compassionate); (4) turn his face
toward them (give his approval); (5) give peace. When you ask God to
bless others or yourself, you are asking him to do these five things.
The blessing you offer will not only help the one receiving it, it
will also demonstrate love, encourage others, and provide a model of
caring to others. [Life Application Study Bible]
5. Ask the Lord to be gracious to you and the members of Hilltop Baptist Church.
6. Ask the Lord to lift up His countenance upon thee and the members of Hilltop Baptist Church.
Countenance = Forefront, favor.
7. Ask the Lord to give you and the members of Hilltop Baptist Church peace. 
8. Ask God to give you at least one person/family to invite to our Community-wide Easter 
9. Ask to send someone that needs to be saved, and that they be saved in our services.
Pastor Bob!

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