We are honored to provide the following missionaries with financial and prayer support:

Jozef & Anna Abrman – Slovakia


Jim & Helen Alexander – Awana
Jim & Helen Alexander’s ministry consists of: presentation of the Awana Ministry to Pastors and Churches, training Pastors, Commanders and/or leadership on running the Awana program, and speaking in Churches and Awana Clubs. They also perform club evaluations and provide additional Awana training for club workers.



Jeff & Joyce Alverson – Military

In 1985 Dr. Alverson began his ministry to the U.S. Military. He served 9 years in Germany and 21 years as World Coordinator and Assistant Director of Military Missions. Since 2014 he has served with Baptist International Missions, Inc., as the Director of Military Missions, a ministry of church planting around U.S. Military installations. 
Founded on August 1, 1993, Baptist Church Planting Ministry has partnered with churches all across the United States and in many foreign countries to help start on average 7 new Baptist churches each year to the glory of God . The global impact of this ministry is evidenced by the thousands of souls led to Christ because of the ministry of local, fundamental, New Testament, Baptist churches. Furthermore, these churches have donated millions of dollars to foreign missions and have even started other churches, also. It is our desire to help churches reproduce churches that will eventually reach the world.
Judy Bowen – Togo
Judy arrived in Togo on March 1st 1992. She was instrumental in developing the literature ministry, leading to the opening of the Communications Resource Center (CRC) in 1996, which she continues to manage. The CRC provides affordable Christian books, Bibles, and other literature to the local people in several languages. Judy’s other ministries include creation and missions photography with the goal of introducing our Creator to the Togolese and others, as well as assisting with Community Health Evangelism, and leading support to the Togolese as they plan and execute camp for kids and teens.
Cora Burch – Appalachian Bible College
Dr. Cora Burch has chaired the Elementary Education major at Appalachian Bible College since 1995. In addition to AACS and ACSI certification for her students, Cora had the privilege of leading the teacher preparation program through state approval in 2003 and is now in the national approval process. With almost 150 Elementary Education graduates in her 23 years, classrooms are being led around the world by her students. Cora and her husband, Walt serve faithfully at Hilltop Baptist Church in multiple ministries for children through adults. 
God has been and continues to work through Child Evangelism Fellowship around the world to reach children and their families since 1937. Their ministry prayer and goal is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel, to disciple them in the world of God, and establish them in a local bible teaching church. John’s prayer is to see all eleven of the counties in the New River Region actively reaching the children through county coordinators, trained teachers, and TEAMs ministering in local schools through Good News Club outreaches.
Christian Law Association
Since 1969, CLA has been providing free legal assistance to Bible-believing churches and Christians who are experiencing difficulty in practicing their religious faith because of governmental regulation, intrusion, or prohibition in one form or another. 
Bob & Sabina Dayton – Nicaragua
                                                                                                                                                                                                Bob, Sabina, & their children started their ministry in Nicaragua in 1961. Though the 57 years God has blessed the work. There have been 155 churches and 2 bible institutes started. Over 900 Pastors have been trained through the bible institute ministry.
                                                                                                                                                                                          Rodney and Cathy Fitzsimmons began their work as missionaries to Haiti from 1983-2015. During their ministry they established 17 churches that are all pastored by Haitians. They also established a Bible school and seminary to train church workers. In 2015, they were required to leave full time ministry in Haiti due to Cathy’s health. They are now with The Carpenter’s Project. This ministry helps Bible colleges in foreign countries and helps their graduates establish new churches. The Carpenter’s Project currently works in the following countries: Ethiopia, Haiti, the Ivory Coast, Myanmar, and the Philippines. Rodney travels to these countries to see how they can help the ministries there and to  hold Bible conferences.
Alberto & Nelcy Gomez – Columbia 
Alberto & Nelcy Gomez have served for 29 years of their lives as missionaries with Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples. For 27 of those years, they have sown the gospel throughout the country of Colombia. God has given them the opportunity to carry the gospel and to love on the people of Colombia.  

The Good Shepherd Children’s Home is a Christian – based home for disadvantaged boys and girls facing difficult circumstances in their lives, many times at no fault of their own. Many of the children they serve struggle with the effects of poverty, abuse, or neglect and in most cases, just need stability and a little extra love and support to reach their full potential.
Their goal is to provide hope and healing in a Christian environment, where kids can develop academically, physically, socially, and most important, spiritually. 
Glen & Debra Hohlman – Yakima Indian Reservation, Washington
International Board of Jewish Missions
Ron & Nancy Johnson – Brazil
Jason & Ashley King – Argentina
Jason & Ashley King are planting churches in the Southern Zone of Buenos Aires in Argentina, South America. They Currently serve in Iglesia Bautista Fe in Lanus Oeste. 
Vlad & Julia Kozoubovkii – Restricted Country
Vlad & Julia Kozubovkii are ordained & commissioned by Hilltop Baptist Church as missionaries. The Kozoubovkiis were members of Hilltop Baptist Church when they were students at Appalachian Bible College. They are now involved in the ministry of evangelism, discipleship, Bible Institute training, and church planting. 
Eric & Stephanie Murphy focus on reaching young people for Christ in Eastern Europe and in Costa Rica in Central America. They hold youth camps to present the Gospel, working alongside church planters. Mentoring and discipling young leaders is another primary focus of Life Impact For Eternity.
Gerald & Margurite Pauley – Canada
The Pauleys have been working for the Lord in Quebec, Canada, for 40 years. Their first call was to Chad, Africa, where they served for 4 years. In the past 13 years, the Pauleys have undertaken a ministry that they have called Church Watering. When a church planter pastor must be away from his church, the Pauleys are available to keep the church stable. 
Andy & Lisa Simpson have been serving the Lord in Taiwan since October 1993 as church planting missionaries. Currently they are overseeing the ministry at Lighthouse Baptist Church and Dali Faith Baptist Church. Both churches are located in different districts of Taichung, a city with a population of 2.78 million people. Their goal is to evangelize and then train and equip the Taiwanese believers so that they will stand firmly upon God’s Word and reproduce more like-minded churches.
Bearing Precious seed is a ministry of local churches working together to publish the pure Word of God for worldwide distribution to independent Baptist missionaries free of charge. The ministry began in 1973. It has grown and today, under the direction of Pastor Bill Duttry, we have a four station roll- fed press and produce millions of Scriptures annually including whole Bibles and New Testaments.  
Missionaries highlighted in Green are sent to their field by Hilltop Baptist Church 
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